Climate change genomics



Climate change poses a major challenge for global food security. Climate influences both yield and quality of crop plants. The application of genomics will be a key strategy to tackle this challenge. Development of crop varieties that will be productive in harsh and variable environments will therefore be imperative.

Genomics-based breeding and transgenic approaches result in a better understanding of crop performance in a changing climate while supporting crop improvement programs.

Characterization of available germplasm and exploration of wild crop genetic resources will greatly benefit from the utilization of genomics tools.

Research needs to target appropriate traits, species and regions to achieve optimal impact on food security.

Coordination of international research efforts will be instrumental to better define and faster advance the priority objectives.

The formation of this consortium proposed as a forum and network to accomplish this important mission. If you are interested in joining, please send details and a recent photograph to Dave

We have recently produced a white paper which is available here.